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My name is Vicentiu and I have been part of the Decathlon team since 5 years ago. Something that helped me notice the collaboration with Maleen from the beginning, I really think that the collaboration with Maleen is older than when I was employed, which validates the good friendship between us.

In the company I deal with the part of national events and store openings, and for this reason I had to call on the services of Maleen for a long time, which were able to adapt to all our needs every time. Although I had contact with several agencies, it is very easy for me to work with Maleen for their reactivity, but also for the pro-activation that they show, from materials delivered super quickly, to the quality of the activations that we do with them during the events.

I enjoy talking with them, it reassures me that when you work with them on a certain topic, they manage without my guidance, and that's because I know the company very well.

The Maleen team is really sensational, I mostly worked with Dan and Oana, who are nice people, when I talk to them they don't necessarily relate to a company-service provider relationship anymore.


Events and community Marketing Leader Decathlon Romania

I met Oana about eight years ago, and we've worked on countless successful projects, including unique and special projects that were designed Human2Human, not B2B or B2C.


It's hard to put into words everything I admire about our collaboration, but I'll highlight professionalism, open-mindedness, and positive thinking. It's so easy to work with a team for whom "no" is never an option, "we can't" is never uttered, and "I don't know" isn't even in the vocabulary. It's such a relief to organize any event when you know it will happen on time, according to plan and even better than expected!


We all know that no matter how big or small an event is, unexpected surprises will always be involved. And going back to what I said earlier: it's so comforting knowing you have a team by your side who will find a solution no matter what happens!

I warmly recommend Maleen Events services. Collaborating with them will bring success and satisfaction to any project.

Lacramioara Rosca

Director Marketing, Dr Leahu

It is our great pleasure the work with Marleen Events for all our big projects.

Highly professional, proactive and people oriented. A great team ready to meet its client’s every need, with optimal solutions for any situation.

Thank you, Marleen Evets, for all your support and care!


Catalina Sandu

Sales & Operation Manager, Impact HUB

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